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@maria made chickpea & broc pasta salad


@maria ate pasta salad lunch


@maria ate one giant katsu bao bun!!!


@maria ate jacket potato mm


@maria ate beans on toast with vegan cheese


@maria made red pasta


@maria cooked sosidge ramen :)) yummy


@maria cooked mushroom & broccoli gnocchi AKA broc gnoc


@maria ate basic scrummy pasta


@maria cooked vegan shrimp satay with noodles


@maria ordered vegan ch*cken sushi burrito


@maria ate bogey pasta :)


@maria ate tofu sag aloo


@maria drank cherryade!!!!


@maria ate mini pot of lentil soup, hoping to finally kick this bug


@maria ate a pot noodle


@maria ordered vegan chocolate and banana sundae


@maria ate lentil dal with pitta bread dippies


@maria drank sweet peppermint tea to try and ward off this flu


@maria ordered vegan steak sub


@maria ate vegan pizza mmm


@maria ate sweet potato, lentil & vegetable shepherd's pie


@maria ordered tofu ramen


@maria drank peach oat milk bubble tea


@maria ate leftover waffle fries for breakfast


@maria ordered hash brown and gouda not-chicken burger, loaded waffle fries, loaded mac and strawberry shake (all vegan)


@maria ate a couple slices of toast


@maria cooked tofu, mushroom and broccoli noodle stir fry

  1. dice some tofu and chop some mushrooms and broccoli
  2. coat the tofu in cornstarch then pop it in a frying pan in a healthy gluggling of hot oil
  3. keep turning the tofu so it fries evenly until its golden and crispy on all sides
  4. then just add in the veg! and at this point add salt, pepper and spices (chilli powder, nutmeg, etc)
  5. keep stirring until the veg is all cooked and a little golden
  6. finally, just drop in some quick stir-fry noodles for the last few minutes
  7. tah dah!! pop a little soy sauce over too if you want but that's it done. scrummers

@maria made beans on pitta


@maria ate leftover sweet potato fries for breakfast


@maria ordered a vegan bbq burger with sweet potato fries


@maria drank strawberry bubble tea


@maria ate toasted pitta dipped in hummus