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@inwin made spam musubi & limonada suíça


@inwin made watermelon salad & instant iced coconut-foam latte


@inwin made chow mein, kung pao cauliflower, & eggrolls


@inwin ate shrimp pasta


@inwin made salmon lentils with eggs


@inwin cooked fajitas de pollo


@inwin drank earl gr...een?


@inwin ate a salad


@inwin made egg fried rice with imitation crab


@inwin ate cheesed burger with fries


@inwin cooked dip udon with a side of diced potatoes


@inwin made shepherd's pie for dinner last night


@inwin drank rooibos with apple


@inwin made penne al sugo di carote, pomodori e granchio


@inwin made spiced instant coffee to bring on his morning walk

  1. boil water
  2. to your mug/thermos, add a pinch of turmeric, nutmeg, cinnamon, & a dash of salt
  3. add the instant coffee. if you have cocoa powder, feel free to add a tablespoon of that as well
  4. add your sweetener of choice (i like maple syrup or honey with this recipe)
  5. add the boiling water most of the way, then top off with your cream of choice (i do oatmilk)
  6. enjoy relaxing at home or on the go!

@inwin ate leftover chili with an egg


@inwin cooked baked potato, acorn squash, sweet peas & corn, & chili


@inwin drank coconut water


@inwin drank ginger turmeric chai


@inwin ate leftovers for breakfast 🥰