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@doqmeat ordered ice cream roll 😋


@doqmeat made salad with porkchop n dumplings


@doqmeat made hambergur


@doqmeat cooked fried egg, luncheon meat, toast with butter


@doqmeat made salad with dumplings


@doqmeat made porkchop n salad


@doqmeat ate hot dogs


@doqmeat made pizza


@doqmeat ate lasagna-like thing (💀) and spinach


@doqmeat cooked pancakes


@doqmeat cooked orange chicken with mashed potatoes


@doqmeat cooked egg, hashbrown, and ham


@doqmeat ordered denny's santa fe sizzlin' skillet. crazy good


@doqmeat ate dino nuggets and fries


@doqmeat cooked orange chicken and mashed potato


@doqmeat made pancakes, bacon, and egg!


@doqmeat ate toast with grape jelly n mayo


@doqmeat ate potato salad and porkshop


@doqmeat ordered oreo milkshake


@doqmeat made breakfast!


@doqmeat cooked fried rice, orange chicken, dumplings